Pre-nursery classes

AGES 1-2 year (with carers)

This class is a gentle introduction to nursery combining free play with more structured time for arts & crafts and music.

At Sunshine Playgroup in London, we understand that children have varying attention spans, and each child is different

Over 15 Years Experience

Chefs cookery classes

AGES 2-3 year, 2-5 year or 3-5 year

Cookery classes at the age of two? Yes! Imagine your little one rubbing butter into flour, mixing, kneading dough and stamping out shapes with biscuit cutters.

… the good news is you don’t have to clean up afterwards!

Cosy purpose-built playroom

Story & Art classes

AGES 2-3 year (with carers)

Over the course of the term, children learn about creating new colours from the original primary colours and they become more confident in using a variety of materials and getting their hands dirty

“Small groups, BIG ideas”  the environment is intimate, friendly & relaxed

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