A very warm and chocolate – infused welcome to my blog. No additivities or artificial colourings. Absolutely no junk, just passion for good old-fashioned home baking.

I am delighted to embark on a new journey – writing about something I love and I dare say cannot live without – baking with children. I must admit I am feeling nervous. As much as writing in my mother tongue which is Polish I have always found easy and it has given me an immense pleasure (I even used to write my own column for two Polish magazines), with English it is a different story. Nevertheless, I am taking the plunge and there is no turning back!

Now, straight to the point. The main reason for this blog is this – my baking book. For about a year now I have been putting together over 30 recipes for young children and their parents. They are quick, easy and first of all yummy recipes a child as young as two and their parent will enjoy. When I say quick and easy, I literally mean five every-day cupboard ingredients thrown in a bowl and mixed together with your hands. Forget sophisticated equipment, spatulas, whisks, piping bags, hundreds of biscuit cutters and multi – purpose kitchen mixers! A shallow bowl for your chef’s little hands is enough, I promise. Well, OK, a rolling pin might come in handy too.


The recipes are “the top of the pops” of Sunshine Chefs baking classes I have been running for the last 14 years. They are the most loved recipes both children and parents, grandparents and nannies ask for over and over again. Chocolate chip cookies probably top the charts, followed by shortbread biscuits, coconut muffins, cheese straws, yummy jammies or flourless almond and dark chocolate biscuits. This is just to name a few.


The book is now in its final stages. The tried and tested recipes have been carefully selected and re – written to suit a young child’s short attention span as well as a limited baking experience on the adult part. To be absolutely sure the tone of my book is right and the instructions are clear and fun, I invited three mums with absolutely no baking experience to test three of my recipes.


The results were astonishing!

They went home with a bag of biscuits, cheese straws, a gluten – free chocolate and strawberry cake and a big smile. The Sunshine Bake-Off, as we called it (see pictures) gave me wings and proved I am going in the right direction. Now all I have to do is finish writing the book and send it off to the world. The publishing world to be precise.


In my next post I will tell you how my exciting baking adventure began. Meanwhile, enjoy this video with Sunshine chefs and mums in action:

Recipe videos coming soon so watch this space.